montana views


Raette started painting professionally in 2004.
The best way to view all of her work is to explore the various series she has worked on over the years.
Click the images to view the collection of each series.
Most of the work in Raette’s portfolio has sold.
If you are interested in one in particular, contact Raette!

“A few weeks ago here in Northern California, I found rather large original painting (of a beautiful flower) that you did a number of years ago for sale in a local store. I was very pleased to find this painting in excellent condition. 
I understand that you were teaching art in this area. We have seen your more recent works, and just love your style and technique. We have also seen some of your mural work in Anderson, an Elks lodge in Redding and a nearby high school (I believe in Anderson).
Where do you display your work now? Are you still teaching? Our recent find will be proudly displayed.
Thanks for your great work!”
– Chuck

Aspens and Birch

Glacier National Park

Montana Views

kootenai grizzly bear

California Views
(2004 – 2013)

Flowers A-Z (2004 – 2007)

Music Art (2019)