april aspens

Aspens and Birch

Raette’s Aspens and Birch Series are all palette knife oil paintings on canvas. The vibrant colors are inspired by the reflective quality of pristine white Aspen and Birch tree bark. Most of the originals have sold, but some are available as prints.

The story behind Raette’s Aspens and Birch Series

One day Raette was walking her dog through an aspen grove near her home. She noticed that at different times of the day the bark picked up different colors, including her bright green jacket. The reflective quality of the bark surprised her and inspired her to paint these trees, enhancing the colors they may reflect depending on the surrounding environment. Raette lives in Kalispell, Montana where Birch trees and Aspen trees mix with hundreds of species of evergreens.
The paintings have become an experiment in color. She begins with an idea of the color palette she is going to use, and the painting simply unfolds as she works. This is where the magic happens. The unpredictability is the exiting part, and lends itself to a vibrant, thick-texture painting.