Art by Raette produces high quality one of a kind oil paintings, producing a raw interpretation of nature as seen by the artist. Raette uses only a palette knife to ensure that each painting is unique and slightly abstract. Every painting is created using the highest quality pure oil colors to ensure enjoyment for generations to come. She constantly strives to become a better artist believing that the craft of painting can only be mastered over time.
A subsidiary of Hindzfeet Industries, LLC., Art by Raette aims to be the most prolific painter in modern times, creating thousands of high quality, one of a kind original paintings and building value for collectors of original artwork all over the world.
In addition to showing and selling her work at art festivals during the summer, Raette is the owner and instructor at Tipsy Brush in Kalispell, Montana (est. October 2014). She teaches beginning acrylic painting full time in a paint and sip environment for adults, not-so-Tipsy Brush classes for children parties, and at an assisted living facility. She loves people and sharing her passion for painting with everyone she can.
Raette recently opened a Tipsy Brush YouTube Channel where she both demonstrates her oil paintings in the form of speed paintings, and presents Tipsy Brush beginning acrylic tutorials for painters all over the world.

Nothing is permanent, perfectly static, or still. The same energy that creates the  me workingocean waves and forces the grass to lie on its side is the energy that connects us to the universe. We may feel its whisper as a breeze on our face, hear it shake the leaves, or watch as it pushes the clouds into formation. Whether feeling burdened or free, the winds serve as a gentle reminder that even in the impermanence of our circumstances, the wind still blows, and new life still reaches for sunlight. Often Raette escapes the burdens of daily demands by “getting lost” on the many trails of Northwest Montana with her husband and children. Photographs taken on these hikes are later used as reference material when she paints at the studio.
Raette first found satisfaction with creating art when she was a young child. There was never a time in her life when she wasn’t drawing or building something. As an adult, she finds that painting with oils and a palette knife is the most challenging, and has held her attention longer than any other medium. When painting, either on location in the mountains of Northwest Montana, en plein air, or in her studio, time stops, and she is completely focused on the subject she is painting. This focus keeps Raette grounded.
Raette tries to capture in her paintings the impermanence of nature changed by the light of the day or season, moving the knife in bold strokes across the canvas.  Her favorite time of day for painting at the studio is at night when the light of day and opportunities for adventure is gone. The best time for inspiration is just before the sun dips below the horizon when shadows are long and the light dramatic. While working through a painting, colors begin to vividly emerge and her eyes become more sensitive to the changes of color in light and shadow. Upon completion of a painting she feels refreshed as if given a new day. It is Raette’s desire that the viewer is able to pause, feel nature’s impermanence, see color in a new way and feel a new sense of hope.

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